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Smiley Happy Time
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The Results

Smiley Happy Time

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Commission from "Smiley" and "Wave" to sell more "Smiley Happy Time Watches" through Amazon globally.

Creation of a one month competition dynamic using Facebook and Twitter: "What's your Smiley Happy Time?" Followers encouraged to post up photos and videos of their Smiley Happy Time and share and retweet to be in with a chance of winning a watch.

Creation of Facebook Tab, redesign of Facebook and Twitter Page.

Increase in

Increased Facebook followers by over 53,000 in under month.

21.5 million

Achieved page impressions of over 21.5 million via shares, mentions and posts.

Sales of Smiley watches has gone up greatly from worldwide online shopping store Amazon, with the sales in the Far East and Europe increasing the most.

6.8 Million

Reached 6.8 million Facebook users resulting in sales of Smiley watches greatly increasing worldwide from online shopping store Amazon, with the sales in the Far East and Europe going up the most.

Professional Darts Corporation

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Commission: To improve upon and create a social media presence for the PDC and engage more fans globally in the brand.

Creation of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, integrated design, consistent brand over name, integration with existing digital properties.

Delivery and creation of content, competitions, videos, audio interviews and pictures.

The Results

Professional Darts Corporation
Professional Darts Corporation 1
Professional Darts Corporation 2
Professional Darts Corporation 3
Professional Darts Corporation 4


...over one tournament weekend at the World Darts Championship, through competitions and results and retweets we increased the followers by over 20,000.


We created #darts for the world darts championship and were tweeted and retweeted by many famous fans, including footballer Robbie Savage, creating several Twitter Trends. We also created @dartswasp and #dartswasp which also trended after a wasp stung a player on stage!

Over 12,000
Facebook followers

From a standing start we used exclusive video and audio interviews, fan and professional photos to create a fully interactive fan site, we continue to manager Facebook and Twitter for the PDC.

Richard and Judy Book Club
Richard and Judy Book Club 1
Richard and Judy Book Club 2
Richard and Judy Book Club 3
Richard and Judy Book Club 4

The Results

The Richard and Judy Podcast in association with WHSmith

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Commission: to create and audio enhanced podcast for WHSmith, and deliver to a new audience

Creative manipulation of existing video content re-purposed for audio. Embed money off code in podcast, link podcast through QR codes in back of printed books.


Deliver over half a million listeners through iTunes and other podcast catchers, and series continues to be recommissioned by WHSmith and podcast has received mentions in national press and on national radio. 5Llive Presenter Richard Bacon commenting "who created it? It's great!"

people reviews

Consistently topping Arts and Literature charts on iTunes, audience interaction, through sending in their own reviews for the podcast and the listener reviews target new areas of interaction for WHSmith as a brand.


We developed the first use of QR codes in books to deliver extra content. Readers of the printed books can scan the code at the back with their smartphone and have the podcast delivered to their phone. The podcast also contains a money off code which can be taken into any WHSmith store to receive money off the books in the series – a first for publishing.